On Writing

“I am you, you are me. ”

— Indonesian Proverb


My third culture childhood (in which I frequently moved) taught me this: The world was very big, and I was very small. Sometimes, even as small as I sometimes felt, I wondered if there was room for me anywhere.

Stories are where I belong.

Stories that explore the intersection between cultures is where I find my place in this world. 

Stories in which I get to examine the perspectives of those around me, while figuring out my own morphing one is how I shrink the world.

Stories in which I can freely question, grow and create are where I can breathe.

Stories that allow me to build bridges between struggles and hope; between what is and what can be;  between you and me...those stories help me to believe.

And these stories I'm writing...like me...are still in process. Kindly, check back for progress.